Through Education

Nurses Education Initiative

The NEI program provides both scientific material and actual patient accounts to educate nursing students and raise awareness for early detection.  Students are given the opportunity to hear first-hand from trained facilitators who are also cancer survivors. Centered on gynecological cancers, the program provides students a clinical presentation, followed by the introduction of a cancer survivor, who details her own story, answers questions from students, and discusses how they may be able to assist future patients with diagnosis and care of patients.

Making the Rounds

Making the Rounds is an outreach program that grants more than 500 local OBGYNs and general practitioners to resources specific to female cancers to educate their patients about diagnostic tests, vaccines, subtle symptoms, as well as support networks after a cancer diagnosis. These resources are valuable to patients as they address various needs medical professionals may find difficult to discuss in-depth during routine office visits.

Health & Community Fairs

WGCA’s tabling exhibits are an educational and interactive event designed for outreach to provide basic preventative medicine information for women and girls in our community or employees at work in conjunction with workplace wellness.  We exhibit at many events throughout the year in public, medical, educational and cancer-specific settings, and have touched hundreds of thousands of women and girls through this outreach. Feel free to suggest events for us to attend!

Speakers Bureau

The speaker’s bureau operates to facilitate speakers for groups and companies that are interested in educating and empowering women and girls with the knowledge and confidence necessary to take control of their personal health. Topics may range from general information on female cancers, family genetic history, HPV and the vaccine, myths and facts, survivor stories, and other programs and outreach provided by WGCA. To inquire about this free service, please contact